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The Parking Reservation Management Solution

Discover how our technology solution can transform your parking management. Explore our advanced features to enhance your team's performance and efficiency.

Intuitive Dashboard

Smart Management of Entries and Exits

Instantly view all essential information for entries and exits, including options and on-site regulations.

Real-Time Global Vision

Occupancy Management and Anticipation

Enhance your team's performance by anticipating the flow of arrivals and departures in the parking area. Manage the occupancy level of your parking by predicting stop sell periods.

Sales Analysi

Powerful Tools to Boost Your Online Sales

Analyze sales data and optimize pricing strategies.

  • Advanced Financial Statistics Analyze financial performance and optimize your strategies.
  • Forecasting Activity Peaks Use historical data to predict periods of high activity.
  • Platform Profitability Identify the most profitable platforms to maximize your revenue.

More than 36 integrated booking platforms

Our AI collects all bookings from platforms as well as your own reservations to consolidate them in the ProParking.ai SaaS software

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